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* Internet Service Provider ISP,  Full range

* VPN, Tunneling,.Privacy protection

 WebHosting Center, Helpdesk,.Support

 IT Technology, WebDesign,.Software

 Exclusive E-Mail, SSL,.RemailingServices

 Public mirror services.& Database

  Censorship defense task.force

  Personal DataSafe.& Mass data storage

* And all.for your personal needs

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 c9c.org   Headquarters Thailand

 c9c.net   Network center Singapore.

 c9c.co     Secured VoIP, Comm services.

 c9c.us     United States of America.

 c9c.info   International News Agency.

 c9c.de      European Communities (EC).

 c9c.li        Principality of Liechtenstein.

 mh.tc        Exclusive tasks Bahama.Islands

 ts9.net     WebHostingCenter & IT.services

 p9p.org    Comm Premium Services.

 prs.ms      Privacy Remail Services 05’.

* & more       Remail net V.I.P. c5s.net.

c9c international networks.

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Note & Warning: c9c have zero tolerance for spam and any porn or sex contents. c9c also dont tolerate on their whole networks any contents of terror, illegal software or other indecent contents. Any member or customer will be immediately and permanently banned and his accounts cancelled if we found such contents on his transactions. You are welcome to contact c9c Abuse&Legal dpt. in case of violations – here. c9c is definitively against each censorship or monitoring on free born people and dont tolerate nor execute it from court rulings or legal orders. Our crew simply dont cooperate!

You may reach c9c networks CEO, Board of Management, SCC (Security Control Center) and.any staff member exclusively by mail or Contact panels – here. So, dont try to use another way; we will not give you answer. About c9c Policy, more…

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